JOIN US! Seaweed Foraging Adventures This Summer!

Seaweed Foraging Group
Have you always wondered where your wild seaweed comes from?
Do you like being next to the ocean and discovering the beauty contained in the deep beauty?
Do you want to know how to prepare seaweed dishes that will WOW you and your family?

If you want to immerse yourself in seaweed and become stewards of some extremely special and beautiful places, our Seaweed Foraging Adventures are for you!

It is with great honor and privilege that for the past 40 years, Ocean Harvest has spent an immense amount of time in the intertidal zone on the Mendocino Coast. One of only 4 ocean upwellings in the world centers here on our coast, feeding nutrients to the abundant amounts of seaweeds that grow here.

On this foraging adventure, you will learn about ethical and sustainable practices, Tribal rights to access seaweed as a food and cultural resource, and develop an intimate relationship with the tide pools and life at the edge of the ocean. You will help us harvest and/or carry our daily harvest, as well as harvest your 10 wet pounds of seaweeds. Our foraging adventures are limited to 5-6 people per session to leave a small footprint and a negligible impact on the resources.

We are so excited to share this space with you and look forward to seeing you this summer!

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What you will learn:
  • How to ethically and sustainably harvest seaweeds
  • Local seaweed history and songs to sing to the ocean
  • Seaweed identification
  • How tides work, how to interact with them and identify foraging days/times
  • How to dry your seaweeds so they are easy to preserve
  • How to cook or prepare your seaweeds once you get them home
  • Nutritional values of different seaweeds
What you will take away:
  • Your own seaweeds (up to 10 pounds wet weight)
  • Delicious seaweed snacks and recipes
  • Dried and bagged seaweeds you did not get to harvest because of location

All those negative ions creating positive vibes!

What you will bring with you to the site:
  • Bags to put your seaweeds in (Reusable grocery bags or Ziploc bags work)
  • A cooler to keep seaweeds cool until you can dry them
  • Water boots/shoes/rubber boots with good tread
  • Change of socks/shoes/pants and a towel for drying off
  • Warm jacket and hat… dress in layers, please

Please contact us with any questions you have.

We look forward to adventuring with YOU!

Terry d’Selkie &

Ocean Harvest Crew

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  1. Please advise how long the seaweed foraging trips are. I didn’t see any information about that. All I saw is that the dates and times that it started. Thank you very much

  2. Hello! I can’t find any other foraging classes other than the one in April that has passed. Will there be any more?

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