Ethically Sourced Seaweed

from the Mendocino coast

We are ocean protectors.

Our seaweeds are selectively wild-harvested, rinsed in ocean water, and dried by the sun. This hand processing maximizes the seaweed’s essential minerals and nutrients.

our story

Terry, the Seaweed Mermaid

Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company was founded in 1981, and is headed by instructor and gardening/nutrition specialist Terry D’Selkie.  Part of a small vibrant cottage industry located in Northern California, we pride ourselves on the quality of our sea vegetables.  We are happy to provide Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetables to you because we regard sea vegetables as essential to good health and as one of the most important foods for modern people.

Terry with a handful of sea palm fronds.
Terry at one of her harvesting sites.

Our seaweeds and kelp are clean and free from radioactive isotopes!
We’ve tested our seaweeds annually since the 2011 Fukushima accident in Japan;
every year our lab tests have found NO radioactive iodides. 

Discover Our Seaweeds

We harvest our seaweeds from the intertidal Mendocino coastline, a site of rich oceanic upwellings creating biodiverse marine ecosystems.

Seaweed Recipes


  • Coco Noritos
  • Kombu Kisses
  • Sea Palm with Peanuts
  • Bull Kelp Avocado Spread
  • Cashew Sea-Whip Cheese


  • Sea Palm Soup
  • Sea Palm Tempura
  • Sea Palm Lasagna
  • Sea Love Salad
  • Wild Weed Pesto
  • Postelsia Vegetata
  • Ocean Ribbons with Thai Noodles


  • Save-the-Tuna Salad
  • Spicy Sea Palm Salad
  • Dulse Salad
  • Orange Wakame Salad
  • Wake Cucumber Salad
  • Alaria Greenbead Salad
  • Wakeme Hemp Power Slaw


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ocean harvest sea veggies

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