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The Ocean Harvest company was founded in 1981. We’ve been supplying ethically-sourced, sustainably-harvested, hand-processed seaweeds for over thirty years!

Our Pacific Ocean is a majestic “office” and we are honored to work there. 

On harvest days we rise before dawn, dress warmly and make our way down to the rocky outcroppings along the coast.  There, the rhythm of the tides is our time clock; hours amongst the bejeweled tidal pools are carefully meted out by Neptune.

Terry harvesting in a wakame bed

We are careful in our harvest techniques lest we imbalance this precious environment and cut the algae so as to leave the reproductive function of the plants intact.  Working on the ocean awakens an umbilical connection – sea lions bob up in the surf, while cormorants, gulls and pelicans fish the rough and crystal clear Pacific. 

It is always lovely when the sun rises, particularly when the full moon is setting as well; soon after we head inland to sun dry the algae.  Everything but the nori (too sandy) is left unrinsed to let the salt-water minerals act as a natural preservative.

Clipping sea palm fronds carefully

Each frond is laid out to be turned every hour until dry.  This completed, we hurry home to sleep before the next day of harvest begins.  We hope this story enriches your sense of the nature of these plants and our work with them.

Drying seaweed at an inland location

Where to find our seaweeds

Restaurants that serve our seaweeds

  • Bamboo Sushi in Portland (OR), San Ramon (CA), Phoenix (AZ), and Denver (CO) “The world’s first certified sustainable sushi restaurant.”
  • Strange Town in Milwaukee (WI) “Plant-based bistro.”
  • Thai Spices Natural Restaurant in Sedona (AZ) “Best Sedona Restaurant awardee for 15 years.”
  • Rodney Strong Vineyards in Healdsburg (CA) “The Rodney Strong Kitchen.”
  • Cafe Wylde in Everett (WA) “Vegan café, adventurous menu.”
  • Cafe One in Ft. Bragg (CA) “The organic choice on the Mendocino coast.”


Orders can be placed by phone, email, or online.

Our packaged seaweeds

Consider ordering in bulk – it saves you money, it saves us time, and saves precious resources for future generations.

We apologize that we are unable to ship internationally due to Customs restrictions.

Our Shipping Policies

We ship UPS or USPS mail only.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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